Charles McGruder
Charles T. McGruder, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy
Sociology and Philosophy
Office: 26B-2551K
Phone: 909-274-4595


Philosophy Club


1:00 - 2:00 pm

Room: 26D/2240

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Spring Semester 2017

Office Hours: MW 8:45 am - 9:45 am

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  Rodin's thinker


Goya's sleeping man


 The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters


Listed below are the courses that I teach. To locate a course syllabus/outline, and other information that pertains to each class, simply click on the course in which you are enrolled or interested in. Also look for updates concerning classes, extra-curricular activities (extra credit and how to write up reports), and useful philosophical links by clicking on "Reflections"



Roosevelt Club

Policy, Research and Writing

The Roosevelt Institute Campus Network meets on


Building: 26D Room:

Roosevelt Institution


Philosophy Club

Pursuit of Happiness



Blackboard with caveat emptor written in chalk with eracers


 What you see is not what you get!

Caveat Emptor meas buyer beware!



 Course Syllabus/Outlines 


 Other Course Outlines 

 Handouts, Rections, Bibliographies


 PHIL 5 - Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 5H - Introduction to Philosophy Honors


PHIL 8 - Critical Thinking


PHIL 9 - Critical Analysis and Writing


PHIL 12 - Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 12H - Introduction to Ethics Honors


PHIL 15 - Major World Religions


PHIL 20A - History of Ancient Western Philosophy:

Pre-Socratic to Renaissance


PHIL 20B - History of Modern Western Philosophy:

Renaissance to Twentieth Century


HUMA1 - The Humanities







 General Education

Mt. San Antonio College Philosophy Statement


Measurable Objectives for Philosophy Courses


Honors Program Philosophy



Disability Accommodations

Mt. SAC strives to make its courses accessible to everyone. It specifically considers features that make its courses accessible to individuals with disabilities, including those using assistive technology for computer access. if you need special accommodations, please contact both the professor and Mt. SAC Disable Students Programs and Services (DSPS) at (909) 274-4290 or


Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free tutoring and workshops to help students with writing in any course at Mt. SAC. Also, the Center’s computer lab offers printing services, access to the Internet, and lab tutors to help students with their writing while working at their computers. The Writing Center is located in 26B-100, behind the Clock Tower. For tutoring, students can stop by to make an appointment or call (909) 274-5325. You can also visit their website at for more information.



A Vehicle In Trust

To bridge the old into the new

Requires strength

To break away from the grasp

Of yesterday which has gone past


To see the new in heritage

Of parents died but still at work

From old foundations long since layed

Repatterned by a child who strayed


To build a vehicle in trust

To carry those who will and must

Break away from us at last

Before their freedom has gone past

Don Hutchinson

April 29, 1973




 This is Orbital Perspective


 Whole Earth 


"Space Station" - Documentary, 2002

"Oasis Earth" - Smithsonian, 2007

"Earth Days" - Environmental Movement, 2010

"Earth from Space" NOVA, 2013

"Humanity from Space" - Documentary, 2015


"What are you doing, Earth, in heaven?

Tell me, what are you doing, Silent Earth?"

Giuseppe Ungaretti




Whatever Reduces




 Power will accrue to those who can handle Information.

From: I seem to Be a Verb, 1970

By Buckminster Fuller, et. al.





 If we all live our lives in and through organizations, then

large or small organizations must have productive people.

Hence the need for: 

  Personal and Organizational Development 

Ergodotics Logo 

Copyright 1978








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