Christine Tunstall
Christine Tunstall
Instructional Specialist
Disabled Student Programs & Services
Office: 9E - 1160
Phone: (909) 274-5649

Admission Requirements


Candidate Requirements 

  • Acquired brain injury event occurred after the age of 12ABI Student on computer
  • Currently over 18 years of age (or high school is completed)
  • The candidate
    • Is willing and able to fully participate in the program
    • Demonstrates ability to function independently within the college setting
      • Getting to and from campus, as well as independently to other locations on campus (e.g. restrooms)
      • Orientation to place
      • Basic self-help skills (including personal hygiene), or have personal attendant for this
      • Appropriate behavior with staff and other students
      • Has the skills to be safe in unsupervised environments
    • Has sufficient receptive language and memory to follow instructions (unless planning to begin with speech/language services only)
    • Has seizures under reasonable control
    • Is free of blatant psychoses and/or behavior problems that could interfere with the instruction program
    • Is free of dependency on non-prescription drugs


Verification Requirements

  • Primary verification of brain injury needs to be medically-based physician documentation, which can be provided by a physician, psychologist, speech-language pathologist, or occupational therapy. Medical records are often sufficient.


  • Additional support documentation may be requested during the intake appointment, including but not limited to relevant medical reports, speech-language assessments, psychology/neuropsychology reports, medical discharge reports, or relevant educational reports.


  • The Brain Injury Specialists at Mt. San Antonio College can not determine the presence or absence of a brain injury; this must be determined by appropriate medical documentation.


Other Requirements

  • Make a 1-hour appointment with a DSP&S Brain Injury Specialist (Jill Wilkerson or Christine Tunstall) by e-mailing one of them: or Alternatively, you can call (909)274-4290 and request an ABI Program New Student Intake appointment.
    • Bring medical verification (see Verification section above)


  • If you want to start with Speech/Language Services only, contact Christopher Walker, PhD ( or call (909)274-4290 and request an appointment.


If accepted to the program, you may also need:

    • Release of information if you want us to  communicate with family or outside resources Adobe Download Icon Communication Release


    • Mobility Limitations Verification if tram assistance  is needed (on campus use only)Tram

Adobe Download Icon Mobility Limitations Verification


Last Updated: 6/3/19
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