Victor Y. Zamora
Victor Y. Zamora
Computer Information Systems
Office: 79-2200E
Phone: +1-909-274-4512


Spring Semester begins on
February 26, 2018


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Since 1995 when I started teaching, I have promoted the Open Source concept by teaching Linux, Chrome, and Android operating systems, and Web programming using PHP, Python, Perl, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS, etc. I am also proficient in using Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac operating systems and applications.

I initiated and promoted the Business Division virtualization system, which is now in production for use by faculty and students within the classroom and outside the campus from any part of the world. I completed a project in 2016, funded by $300,000 CTE grant from the state of California, to establish a new computer lab to explore virtiualization, cloud computing, networking and security, and to provide training to faculty in these areas.

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