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Daniel Cantrell
Professor of Communication & Forensics Coach
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  • Spring 2016

SPCH 20H - Homework Assignments


Homework #1


NAME:_______________________ SPCH 20H - Homework Assignment #1 – 25 points


This semester we will be practicing a variety of debate formats. For each of these debates we will be using different topics. This creates the need to debate lots of different topics throughout the semester. As such, I would like to solicit ideas for our debate resolutions from you so we can debate issues that are interesting to you.

Please write 4 areas that you would like to debate along with a 3-4 sentence justification of why you think this topic would be educational and interesting to debate this semester.

For example, one example you could write would be a topic we almost always debate in this class: the death penalty.   From the areas submitted I will try to write topics for the debates. Please feel free to be creative and draw upon topics that you would enjoy discussing for 30 minutes during class. Topics must be appropriate for in-class discussion. This homework assignment must be typed to receive credit.


1. _______________________________________________



2. _______________________________________________



3. _______________________________________________



4. _______________________________________________



Homework #2


NAME:_______________________SPCH 20H - Homework Assignment #2 – 25 points

Please watch one of the Doha Debates. After watching the debate please answer the following three questions using the critical thinking model and specifically the Intellectual Standards listed at the top. Please select a debate from the list below:


Money v. Free Elections

War on Terror = War on Islam

Censorship and Art

Marriage between Family Members

Oil in the Middle East


Face Veil 

Muslim Women Marry



Critical Thinking & Education

PROMPT #2: Please answer the following three questions:

1. Which side do you think won the debate? Why?
2. What was the best argument for the resolution? Why?
3. What was the best argument against the resolution? Why?

 Homework #3

STUDENT CONGRESS                     SPCH 20H - Homework Assignment #3 - 50 points

During class we will practice both argumentation and persuasive speaking skills by doing an event known as Student Congress. Each student will be asked to give a three minute speech followed by a 1 minute period of cross-examination. The speech should both refute the previous speaker as well as present a new argument for or against the bill presented for debate.

Each student is expected to give one speech for your side of the topic. Your homework assignment will be to turn in your 2 minute speech for or against the bill. Your speech should be typed and 2 references at the bottom in MLA format.

Your speech should thus be:
(1) impromptu four point refutation of a previous speaker  (1 minute)

(2) a quick introduction for your argument (10-15 seconds)
(3) an argument in support of your side with citation to evidence using one type of reasoning (45-60 seconds) – you should introduce it as “My first argument, according to SOURCE/DATE, is …”
(4) a second argument in support of your side with citation (must be a different article) using a different type of reasoning (45-60 seconds) – please introduce with “and My Second Argument, according to SOURCE/DATE is…”
(5) a conclusion to wrap up your speech (10-15 seconds)

The debate will progress with a speech from the Pro side for 3 minutes, followed by a 1 minute cross examination, followed by a 3 minute speech from the Con Side, followed by a 1 minute cross examination. Anyone can ask a question of the speaker from either side of the bill.

You should spend some time researching the topics and preparing arguments to present in class. Remember that the speech you prepare should be roughly two minutes long.

This assignment is worth a total of 50 points (20 points for your homework + 20 points for your speech + 10 for your flowsheet). Your speech points will be graded credit/no credit and I will be giving you feedback on your presentation.

Bill – Hate Crime Laws


1) Whereas, In America, the right to freedom of thought is both valued and

                  protected within the First Amendment; and

2) Whereas, Hate crime perpetrators across the United States are being punished for

                 their thoughts; and

3) Whereas, These crimes of thought violate First Amendment rights; 

4) Therefore be it Resolved: That this Student Congress here assembled abolish hate crime


Pro = Justin, Shantel, Maggie, Jacqueline, Hillman, Hannah, Edward, Michael W


Con = Carol, Jared, Kathy, Monica, Tiffany, Abraham, Prez, Shahar, Sylvia


(Courtesy Texas Forensics Association, 2009-2010 State Tournament, 




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