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Daniel Cantrell
Professor of Communication & Forensics Coach
Office: 26D-1441 (forensics room)
Phone: (909) 274-6310
Email: dcantrell3@mtsac.edu
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  • Spring 2016

Political Debate

This assignment will mirror presidential debates you see on TV. You will be divided into three groups representing Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or Donald Trump.  Within your group you will need to prepare:


1) An opening statement not to exceed 3 minutes supporting your candidate.

2) 2 Questions towards each of the other two candidates (so 4 in total) that put that candidate "on the spot." - due by Mon May 23.  Please bring 3 copies (1 to turn in, 1 for each other group). Questions should be no longer than 30 seconds.

3) Responses to the 4 questions that will be posed to you for your candidate.  Each response can be no longer than 2 minute.

4) A closing statement not to exceed 3 minutes supporting your candidate.


Each group member will need to pick a section of the debate. You will then be graded individually on your particular section.  Each section should be 1-2 pages typed and include sources of where you are getting your information.  All assignments due in-class Wednesday, May 25 for our in-class practice debate.

Thus, the entire class will participate during our public debate event on Wednesday, June 1 during our class where we will invite the public to come learn about the candidates.  The event will run from 10am-11am and will be free to the public.  Feel free to invite family & friends!

During the event you will present your section - (opening statement, asking/answering the questions, or closing statement).  All of it will be prepared. 


1) Bernie Sanders Opening Statement (3 minutes)

2) Hillary Clinton Opening Statement (3 minutes)

3) Donald Trump Opening Statement (3 minutes) 


4) Sanders question to Hillary

5) Hillary question to Trump

6) Trump question to Sanders

through all the questions...  Question should not exceed 30 seconds, answer not to exceed 2 minutes.


7) Donald Trump Closing Statement (3 minutes) 

8) Hillary Clinton Closing Statement (3 minutes) 

9) Bernie Sanders Closing Statement (3 minutes) 



Bernie Sanders: Abraham, Michael W., Prez, Tiffany, Hanna

Hillary: Monica, Justin, Sylvia, Maggie, Shahar,

Trump: Carol, Jacqueline, Shantel, Hillman, Jared

Assignments Due:

1) Opening Statement

2) 2 Questions to Candidate X

3) 2 Questions to Candidate Y

4) Response to Question 1

5) Response to Question 2

6) Response to Question 3

7) Response to Question 4

8) Closing Statement


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