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Daniel Cantrell
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  • Spring 2016

SPCH 20 - Honors

Welcome to the homepage for our SPCH 20 - honors class.  You can find copies of all handouts and assignments for our class on the menu on the left. If you have trouble opening an attachment please email me at dcantrell3@mtsac.edu

Our final is on Wed, June 8th from 7:30-10:00am in our normal meeting place.

 political debate - June 1 10-11am - 28A-103

Congrats on a fantastic public debate!

The debaters



Bernie Sanders Group




Hillary Clinton group

Donald Trump Group

Outside Reading:

1. Due: Mon Feb 29, 2016: Brockriede, Wayne. "Arguers As Lovers." Philosophy & Rhetoric 5.1 (1972): 1-11. Communication & Mass Media Complete. Web. 23 Feb. 2016. Link | Distributed in class Wed 2/24/16

Please answer the following 5 Questions (2 page max):

1. How is Brockriede's perspective on argument different from a logicians?

2. Explain the key difference(s) between the three analogies of argument: rape, seduction, and lover.

3. Explain each of the 3 characteristics of philosophic argument.

4. Do you agree with the conclusion that those engaged in rhetorical argument (decision-making and persuasion) be relegated to nonlovers?

5. What was your overall impression of Brockriede's essay?


2. Due: Wed March 23, 2016: IPDA Constitution (Preamble (pages 1-2), Bylaws (pages 7-9, Article I sections a-m)) Link 

Please answer the following 4 questions (2 page max):

1.  In your own words, what is the goal of IPDA?

2. Of the "philosophic foundations" included in the preamble, which do you think is most important?

3. Looking at the times listed on page 8 for the individual debate format (left side of table), which speech do you think would be the most difficult?

4. Using the sample ballot distributed in class, please watch and evaluate the following IPDA debate from the 2013 IPDA National Championship.  Youtube link


3. Due Mon May 16, 2016: Reaction Prompt.  This semester you have now debated three different academic debate formats (IPDA, NPDA, NFA-LD). Each had different expectations for the affirmative and negative side.  Given all three:

1) Which format did you think was most educational? Why?

2) Which format did you think was most fun? Why?

3) If you were to join the debate team next year, and had to choose only 1 of the three formats, which one would you join? Why?

4) If you could make a change to one of the events - what would it be? Why would that improve the event?



 Extra Credit:

For each extra credit assignment please type up a 1-2 page reflection. All extra credit is worth 20 points each and is due by the day of the final exam.


1. 20 points: Attend the "Afternoon with Debate" event sponsored by the Forensics Team on Tues, March 22 from 4-5:15pm in Bldg 13-1700 (auditorium). The students will be debating whether or not higher education should be free.  Please write a 1-2 page reflection on who you think won the debate and how each student did with respect to their public speaking.


2. 20 points: Attend the "Evening with Forensics" event sponsored by the Forensics Team on Tues, March 29 from 7-8:30pm in Bldg 13-1700 (auditorium). Six students will perform their national competition speech ranging from platform to oral interp to impromptu. 

3. 20 points: Attend the "Evening with Readers Theater" event sponsored by the Forensics Team on Tues, April 26 from 7:30-8:30pm in Bldg 13-1700 (auditorium). Six theaters will perform.

4. 20 points: Attend the Final Round of the American Readers Theater Championship! Sunday, May 1, from 2pm-4:30pm in Bldg 13-1700 (auditorium).  No cost to attend.


5. 20 points: Attend the Speak it! Sign it! Slam it! communication event.  A night of live poetry and Deaf Culture featuring Professor Fred Gravatt.  Tuesday, May 24, 5-7pm, 9C Stage.  


6. 20 points: Attend the "Keep Calm Stress Less" Student Health Services presentation. Wednesday, May 18, from 11am-12:30pm, 9C Stage.



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