Kathleen E. High, M.Ed.
Kathleen High
Adjunct Professor
Academic Support and Achievement Center (ASAC - formerly LAC)
Office: Building 6, Room 101
Phone: 909 274-3931 (Leave a message) -- Email is preferred
Email: khigh@mtsac.edu
Homepage: https://faculty.mtsac.edu/khigh

Assignments - Self Awareness

Click on the links below to download items introduced during the "Self Awareness" phase of the class:

 *(EC) Extra Credit - Document must be downloaded from the website.



(Blue Sheets)

Other Documents

(handouts to keep - 

not assignments)



Videos, or

other visual links)

Learning Styles


Three Sensory Learning Styles:

PDF file

Word file

Multiple Intelligences (EC)*

PDF file

Word file


Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire(EC)*

Link to online assessment


Self &

Environmental Influences

    Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

PDF file

Word file

Culture, Education & Unspoken Expectations

PDF file

Word file

True Self

PDF file

Word file



"Pursuit of Happyness" 



"Baby Boom"


"Upside of Anger"


"Stand and Deliver"

"Daddy's Little Girls"

"National Security"

"Great Debaters"

"Meet the Browns"

"Joy Luck Club"


Twin Sisters of

Different Races


True Self: 

"Upside of Anger"




PDF file

Word file


PDF file

Word file

Generational Values 

PDF file

Word file

Values Survey

PDF file

Common Sense (EC)*

PDF file

Word file

 Article: Worst Paying Degrees


Article: Price of Saying “No” at Work


Article: Time to Jump Off Career Ladder

Success - Image


Generational Videos: 

1) "Boomers to Bloggers"

2) "Past/Future Oriented" - Millennials

3) "Mommy Kissing Santa Clause" song

 Health Issues


Health & Wellness

PDF file

Word file





PDF file

Word file

Coping and Stress Management Skills Test

(Stress Assessment)



Personality Inventory (MBTI)

 MBTI Best Fit

PDF file

Word file


Keirsey Temperament PowerPoint file as printed handout



Kersey Temperaments:


"Fantastic 4"

"Raising Helen"

"Mrs. Doubtfire"

"Raising Helen"

"Mirror Has Two Faces"

MBTI - Four Preferences

"A Beautiful Mind"

"Anne of Green Gables"

"Friends with Money"

"Yours, Mine and Ours"

MBTI - Dominant Functions

"Bruce Almighty"

MBTI - Career Decision-Making Styles



Additional Optional Assessments


(See campus counselor for Strong Interest Inventory)

(see me for more info)

Optional Assessment Evaluation Forms:


Self Awareness Final

Paradigm Shift

PDF file

Word file

Managing Life's Transitions (EC)* 

PDF file

Word file





Paradigm Shift

"Mirror Has Two Faces"              "Sixth Sense"

Managing Life's Transitions - PowerPoint File

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